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The Mosaic company is a modern high-tech workplace that values our employees efforts. Every day hundred of thousands Mosaic employees contribute to our success. Our culture values the constant strive for evolving our services and products to provide better customer-tailored experiences exceeding our client’s expectations, and by doing so sharing the global achievement. We offer equal opportunities with a standardized work place that creates unity and structure.

Employee Benefits

Our financial reward for staff that have determination and add value is exceeding the industry average. We provide legal assistance plans and transportation benefits making your work hours efficient and ensuring a strong focus on your career. We also offer a blanket 10% special employee discount for all our services and apps in order for our staff to enjoy the result of their collective work effort. You’ll discover more benefits when working at Mosaic.

Your Career

We have an organizational structure that provides a career path and attractive compensation packages for top performing employees. Our quarterly review process by mid and senior management within each division makes sure our staff is receiving more than adequate feedback to progress accordingly in their career path. By tracking each division’s operating gross income revenue margin, we ensure that our employees receive an annual performance-based bonus package.

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Working at Mosaic enabled me to be part of the amazing success story BlipBlop. Developing ground-breaking entertainment in a large cross-functional multi-talented team collaborating across several locations have been a dream come true.
— Developer of BlipBlop