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At Mosaic we pride ourselves on being the world’s leading developer of technology solutions for modern cities. We provide a complete technological infrastructure for all aspects of a modern lifestyle. From personal mobile applications that provide news, services and entertainment to citywide systems that provide transportation, security and commerce - The Mosaic corporation has all your needs covered. For a brighter future - choose Mosaic.


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The Mosaic company is providing extraordinary interactive entertainment experiences. Our successful app BlipBlop is played by more than 1 billion people. You will never have a boring second in your life as long as you have BlipBlop installed! BlipBlop is a revolutionary new gaming experience that provides endless of hours of entertainment, and it’s completely free!



True love is but a swipe away with our award winning application Love. From the comfort of your own phone you can find, connect and fall in love with that special someone. Technology have given us the means to stay more closely connected to each other than ever before - take advantage of it - download Love today!


Time is money. With our Banking & Commerce app you can turn time into money! Buy low, sell high. Anyone can rule the stockmarket with our Stockmarket app. The Mosaic company is also the number one source of news in the city. Stay up to date with developments, stories and scandals - as well as information about new products and commercial opportunities.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— John Robert


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